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Welcome to Kapa Logistics and Trading PLTD

At Kapa Logistics, we specialize in providing comprehensive and reliable car transport services, tailored specifically for car dealers and auction platforms. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diverse range of specializations and key features.

## Our Specializations

  1. **European and International Transport:** Transporting cars from all points in Europe and beyond, including new, used, and damaged vehicles.
  1. **Damage Transport Expertise:** We excel in transporting damaged cars, with established partnerships with insurance companies, ensuring secure and effective solutions.
  1. **Luxury Car Transport:** Extensive experience in secure transportation, ensuring luxury cars reach their destination in pristine condition.

## Key Features of Our Services

  1. **Distribution Centers:** Strategically located in Vrhnika, Slovenia, and Athens, Greece, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.
  1. **Multilingual Support:** Proficient in English, Greek, Bulgarian, and Russian for effective and immediate communication.
  1. **Comprehensive Documentation:** Meticulous documentation of car conditions before and after unloading, along with all relevant documents.
  1. **Insurance Coverage:** All transported vehicles are covered by CMR insurance, providing additional peace of mind.

## Fleet and Equipment

  1. **Tow Trucks and Car Carriers:** Our fleet includes tow trucks and car carriers for efficient and secure transportation.
  1. **Roadside Assistance:** Offering assistance, including a hydraulic platform for unforeseen situations.
  1. **Distribution Center Facilities:** Equipped with clarks for smooth handling of vehicles.

## Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Rest assured, our pricing is competitive, and we are open to negotiations for a mutually beneficial partnership.

## Immediate Responsiveness

Pride in prompt communication—rely on us for swift responses in English, Greek, Bulgarian, or Russian, ensuring seamless collaboration.

## Photographic Documentation

Maintaining transparency through photographic documentation. We capture vehicles before and after unloading, providing a visual record of their condition throughout the transportation process.

## Trusted Partnerships

**Kapa Logistics and Trading PLTD is proud to be a trusted partner of leading transport and insurance companies, including:**

– **Hödlmayr Logistics**

– **Interamerican (Part of Achmea)**

– **BLG Logistics**

– **Adesa – OpenLane**

– **Auto1**

– **Part of Chain Transport Companies**

Our collaborations with these industry giants underline our commitment to excellence, ensuring that our clients benefit from a network of established and reputable partners. These partnerships further strengthen our capabilities, allowing us to provide you with top-tier services in the car transport industry. Your satisfaction and the security of your vehicles are at the forefront of our partnerships and services.

Trust Kapa Logistics for secure, efficient, and transparent car transport services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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